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    A New Year’s message.

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO VERSION I keep reckoning, over and over again with myself, that I have not protected myself.  That this time I want to learn the lesson. Not from hurt, harm or danger in the physical-emotional sense.  But from the unguarded use of myself at and to the will of others. How I have relinquished my own power and shrunk in such duality to prop up other people, to make other people feel comfortable and to meet the needs of somebody else.  What happens to a person whose chasing purpose, community and love at cost to themselves?  What do you compromise, when you compromise yourself? Notes on self-love, capacity, community…

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    A Love Letter to Fat Black Women

    I have been fat my whole life. I don’t ever remember a time where my weight was not an issue.    Nope, not ever.    Recently, I learned that folks that suffer trauma repress a lot of memories and protectively forget harmful ones. So conveniently and self-lovingly I can’t remember a whole lot growing up. But, from the time I was about eight years old until now, I’ve known fat to mean something ugly to a lot of people. Fat was always something you called people as a means to demean them, never to compliment.    At eight years old I went on my first diet. I will never forget…

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    I’m so proud of you, me.

      Play and listen along.  For my niece Jania.  Almost three months ago now I resigned from my job with the local government. With that came a lot of questions from others about why and why now. I didn’t have a whole lot of answers and honestly didn’t feel the need to explain beyond, “God said”. For the first time in my life, I didn’t ask anyone what they thought I should do. I didn’t tell a soul, not even my closest friends I was quitting. I didn’t want anyone’s opinion or to talk myself out of God’s plan.  After I sent that email to my boss, I felt so…

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    Sometimes I still feel unworthy

    **Trigger warning this includes stories about adult and childhood sexual abuse** Play and listen along  I‘ve avoided writing this because I didn’t feel like crying today. But this week of mercury[merchurry] retrograding has triggered tf out of me.  Reminded me of the traumas that are buried so deep, sometimes I forget their there because  there are parts of me that are still painfully difficult to believe.  Sometimes I still feel unworthy.  32 with the world at her feet. Sometimes I still feel unworthy and it makes me feel so weak.  At 32, there are some things you could not pay me to believe. Like how some people struggle with imposter…

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    Soul Work Rx: P*ssy Power and Prowess

    The Soul Work Rx: P*ssy Power and Prowess November 10-14, 2021 is a carefully curated EXCLUSIVE & INTIMATE 4 DAY/4 night sensory pleasure experience retreat for Black women and women of color. With only 30 attendees participants will be tapping into the divine feminine on a cellular level by taking part in pleasure healing practices. Participants should expect experiences that tap into the five senses including euphoric sensuality, exploration, restorative dialogue, and rest.  Cost: $1200 estimate Deposit: $300  Accommodations: Ambre & Epices Jungle Hotel & Spa  Entire Boutique Hotel with 14 custom rooms Flight Information: CUN (Cancun International Airport) need to be there by 3pm on 11/10/2021 Registration includes all access pass…

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    I loved him, but he did not want to be loved.

    Play and listen along, there’s always more to the story on audio.  A couple of Saturday mornings ago I randomly called my cousin Kevin in Jacksonville and asked him what he was up to that day. I didn’t have Zora and wanted to make some grown a– folks plans. He said come on down cuz, we’re going to brunch. Hello somebody! Cause one thing about me and cuz one thing we gon always do is eat some good a– food.  Sitting around at Kev’s with his besties after brunch, Kevin started talking about Yoda Pebbles, his beloved dog-son. Now let me tell ya’ll this man loves himself some of that…

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    I Believe I Deserve

    Hit play and listen along  Notes on rest, reciprocity, productivity, celebration and affirmation.   I sat in the black plastic chair in urgent care, with my right foot twisted around the metal legs, the grooves of my shoes scratching the time away, waiting patiently for the nurse practitioner to return. I anxiously texted Kaneisha every detail. Fever high, blood pressure high, their getting samples of my urine and may need stool too. I know I’m not pregant, you got to be having the sex to get pregnant. They’re asking me to take a covid test. I don’t think I need that, but I’ll do it. They’ve shoved this GD damn…

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    The Blueprint Rx Retreat

    The 2nd Annual Soul Work Rx: The Blueprint Women’s Retreat is a carefully curated EXCLUSIVE & INTIMATE 3 DAY/2 night life shifting wellness experience prioritizing women of color mental health. With only 50 attendees participants will be taking a deep dive into their healing in the areas of trust, fear, vulnerability, shame, trauma, toxicity, sex and relationships, and so much more. Access Passes: $275-525 Registration includes all access pass to 3 days and 2 nights of retreat content and workshops, transportation to all retreat activities, some meals and Soul Work Rx swag. Day 1 Yoga + Meditation Healing Sessions on Loss, Understanding Trauma, Transforming Pain into Purpose Guided Trap N…

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    In the midNIGHT Hour

    In the midNight hour is a one night only cosmic Soul Work Rx galactic call into the stratosphere of your soul. It’s for men and women equipped to sift through the wilderness and into the light. A night of euphoria and awakening of your true power. Visionary Dominique Mack leads us into the divine with groundings, language, downloads and strategy.  Doors open at 11:00pm  Location: Jekyll Island Convention Center  Tickets on Sale NOW:  General Admission $49.99 entrance into the ‘in the midNIGHT hour’ experience.  All COVID-19 precautions will be strictly enforced: temperature checks, masks, and social distance. midNight Hour Tickets General Admission $49.99 USD