The Soul Work Rx was a prescription I knew I needed, but was afraid to take alone. It was the first time in my life I was surrounded with other professional women of color and I could be my broken self, without judgment. We lifted each other up. Encouraged one another. Listened. Hugged. Held hands. Held space. We acknowledged our pain. Together.
Caila Coleman, Esq.
My healing started about a year ago when I realized how postpartum depression had completely taken over me. However postpartum wasn't the only culprit.  It was just the tip of the iceberg. I started looking for ways to get out of that dark hole I was in. It wasn't until I attended The Soul Rx retreat that I was allowed to speak up. I was allowed to tell my story.  I was allowed to get all that stagnant negative energy, guilt, resentment and shame out of my being. I felt I was in a safe environment surrounded by woman that could relate to my story. But best of all supported me, listened, and embraced me. It was an emotionally draining day for me.  A day that was very much needed and has helped me look for more ways to heal myself. All thanks to this amazing group of woman who treated me like their very own. 
Katherine Méndez
Health Advocate
I walked into a life changing weekend. I ugly cried...and those tears washed over my soul cleansing years of buried pain and trauma. I connected with those strange women and they became my spiritual sisters. I left feeling refreshed and whole. I had a renewed sense of peace and empowerment.
Charmaine Richardson
Brand Manager
Working in a helping profession, I constantly feel the pressure to have all my own “stuff” together, and I have a hard time asking for help for myself.  I found out about Soul Work Rx when I was just beginning my own work; trying to embrace vulnerability and work through some of my “stuff”.  With the goal of being able to be more present and supportive to myself and others, Soul Work Rx sounded like the perfect retreat. I was anxious about going to do such personal work with a group of women that were mostly strangers, but stepping out of my comfort zone with my intentions set was just what I needed. This retreat was the first space that I ever felt safe not holding back tears around others. It was freeing to allow myself to openly feel and move through the pain from past grief and trauma, all while seeing that I was not alone in carrying these burdens.  By the end of the retreat, all I could feel was an overwhelmingly positive, loving, and joyous energy from all of the amazing women there. The Soul Work Rx retreat was a truly transformative experience! 
Kelsey Williams
Master Social Worker
"I entered a room where I felt no judgement and didn't have to put a cap on who I was/. It was a time to express yourself and see how your brokenness was not a story you have to live out alone. A safe place to say this is where I am and acknowledge it and not the redundant "pray about it". There is a freedom I have now that I have not felt in a long time. I will be returning.
Khebe Brown
University Financial Specialist
As a facilitator I didn't expect to have this type of reaction. It opened me up to self-evaluate. Soul Work Rx gave me the tools to get myself together. I did not want to come back home and face my life. I didn’t realize how much I needed soul work. I feel so at peace and ready to take on my life. I haven’t felt this way in a while.This peace that I feel is just miraculous.
Derrika Hunt
Ph. d Candidate
When I decided to attend the SoulworkRx retreat it was mostly in support of Dominique. I attended college with her and followed her for years postgrad. I admired her transparency and vulnerability. She had a way of sharing that really spoke to me as a mother, as someone who’s experienced trauma and as a woman of color just dealing with life.  When she posted that she was ready to take a leap of faith and create a women’s retreat I knew it was going to be amazing!I entered the retreat not really sure what to expect then suddenly I was immersed in a beautiful spiritual ambiance that made me feel at peace and safe and I knew that I was right where I was supposed to be. Throughout the retreat, I bonded with amazing women from different backgrounds that were at various points in their lives but all of us had something in common. We were ready to level up and break free from everything that had been holding us back. The last day of the retreat I felt renewed.  I still reflect back to that day that we honored our ancestors and the peace that came over me as we called their names. That gives me the strength to continue my work and push through to healing.  This retreat was truly a life changing experience and has given me the confidence and tools to take charge of my healing.  I’m so glad I took these first steps and if you are even thinking about attending then just go for it.  The only thing you will regret is not doing it sooner!
Brittney Graham
Registered Nurse
Soul Work Rx was the divine intervention I needed to help heal my spirit. For years, I'd been teaching myself how to nourish & heal my physical self, but my spiritual self was lacking, and this retreat was the perfect prescription for my spiritual evolution. I laughed, I cried, I loved, and I made amazing new friends that I look forward to growing with. Soul Work Rx provided me with a safe, supportive, and luxurious space to expunge past traumas and create space for new blessings. I can't wait for the next one!
Jessica Galloza
For years I felt like something was wrong with me. Like I had a fundamental flaw. I tried everything to “fix” myself: self-help books, church, counseling. Hell, I even thought about shock therapy. Although I did learn useful information during these quests to change, I never felt good about myself and with each failed attempt to fix myself, I trusted myself less and less. I began to think that maybe this was just how I was. That I would always feel like this. So I did what had become so easy for me—I stuffed the feelings deep down and pretended they weren’t there. Meanwhile, I kept seeing Dominique, my friend from college, posting about a retreat she had created called Soul Work Rx. I was intrigued. I saw the testimonials from women who’d attended the retreat. I wanted to experience the shifts they attested to, but I convinced myself that it wouldn’t work for me. This year, when Dominique announced Soul Work Rx would be virtual, (thanks to Rona showing its entire ass), I signed up for a session. Although I really wanted a change, I figured that the sessions would be like everything else I’d tried: full of great information, but nothing earth shattering. I am SO glad I was wrong. The Soul Work Rx sessions are everything that I was afraid to hope for. They have provided a safe space for me to explore and express my feelings. After the first session I attended I remembered how much I loved writing. How crucial journaling was to my survival as a middle school student who’d been teased so much that she tried to make herself invisible. Soul Work Rx has encouraged me to dive deep and not fear meeting myself in the dark places. In short, Soul Work Rx has allowed me to reintroduce myself to myself. And for that I am eternally grateful.
Courtney Spikes
The dialogue and follow up on the language used by the participants(In the private virtual sessions) is so so powerful. I love this open and non-judgmental deconstruction of our words and feelings. I feel safe and supported in this space, which usually takes some time for me.
Alexandra Thomas