It’s Open Season.

Read and Listen Along 

Last Thursday afternoon, on a whim I invited my sister Cece to lunch. Me and Cece have actually never gone to lunch. We are both too busy all the time from running businesses, to being mothers, partners and everything else in between. But, I listened to what felt like was right for me to do. I called Cece. And she said yes to going to my new favorite Thai place in town. I was feening for Thai Iced Tea + Drunken Noodles.

Turns out the Thai place was closed, so of course I found myself twirling the aisles of TJ MAXX. Cause let’s be honest it’s those little red clearance stickers that soothe my soul. But, you know me, I had to rationalize my purchases as intentional manifestations: face masks for self-care, blanket + fruit stand for future home, backpack for travel. 

Seeing Cece walking down the aisle in her rose-gold glitter mask, made me smile. It was hugs at first sight! We missed each other something serious. We made light conversation, as we filled in one another on our latest business projects and home life. And then Cece said let’s go get Mexican food and Margaritas off Altama, by the Target shopping plaza. She had me at Tequila. 

In between mahi tacos+strawberry-watermelon margaritas+Mexican corn, Cece said she had been in prayer and meditation this week and God revealed to her there was an, “open window”. Immediately, I got chills throughout my entire body. Because God had told me, “it’s the last week”. And the dots started connecting for me about what it means to seize opportunity. 

There may not be another time. We are in a season of urgency. Of deciphering truth quickly and proficiently. That every decision now will set us up for our future. This is new ground we have broken. This is the foundation of the way that will be made. Every single thing we do right now matters. How we hear, how we see, how we act, how we respond. Much of it will be done in faith. But the physical response to the spirit will be immediate.

Keep surrendering, the window is there. 

The window is there and you will not see it, if you don’t make room. Make room for the manifestation. As you acquire, so shall you give. As you sow, so shall you receive. As you move, so shall you expand. 

You are the ruler of the ground. The power is in YOUR HANDS. 

Do not be fooled by history, for history’s sake. Let the past, be the past and the now be the now. Everything from this point now, will operate from now. God said the order of operations has changed. Don’t forget who is in charge. You’ve got everything you need. Everything you need. 

Divine order is here. 

Virgo season has come and as my dear sister Kat DM’d me, it’s about “Cleaning up, decluttering and organizing.” 

It’s about an outside activation, to your inside decluttering. 

Let them people go honey. Divine evolution is painful. But, what is loss compared to LOST. Lost to romanticizing truth that don’t belong to you. Lost to holding on to people, material things, money, jobs, careers, that don’t belong to you. That is not your destiny. 

Don’t you know that God got more for you. 

Get your affairs in order. 

Let me affirm these instructions for you: Pay the debt off. Make the sacrifice. Go through with the treatment plan. File the papers. Make the statement. Be heard and not seen. Keep the baby. Let him go. Move. Love harder. Go to the doctor. Pack yo sh-t. Start the business. Clean up your physical and spiritual house. 

Declutter and make room so you can get through the window. 

If you are looking for a sign this is it. DO IT NOW.  

It’s Open Season. 

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