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My absolute favorite quote from my grandmother is: “The one thing nobody can take from you is an education.” They can take away a car, a house, a man, a woman. But, nobody can take away what you know. 

In conversation with a new dear friend Taylor, I received this message for the times. 

The second act of what my grandmother was teaching me is application. You can have all the knowledge and know how and do nothing with it.

What good is it to know something and not apply it?

The rest of 2020 is about application and implementation. 

The hardest part of soul work is not in receiving the information, it is moving through the healing. 

It is pushing past the fear to apply what you now know. It requires execution. 

You know too much now, not to live a full life. 

You know too much now, not to communicate better. 

You know too much now, not to have healthy relationships. 

You know too much now, not to trust yourself. 

You know too much now, not to apply what you know. 

You cannot sit idly by and do nothing with your giftings, your knowledge, the skills and the resources you have gained. 

You cannot rob yourself of the healing you know you deserve. 

You’ve got to deal with your shadows. You’ve got to feel god dammit. And no one else can do it for you. But, I can hold you accountable. You have come too far to go back now and slip into your  old patterns. I promise it does not feel as good as you remember. It will hurt and you may never be able to come back from it. It is not your season to bear the pain of this suffering any longer. You’ve got to let it fall. You’ve got to learn to keep surrendering it back over to God. Stop picking it up. It is not your nature. It is not benign, it is malignant. It is a cancer to you and it will kill you. 

Watch the words you pray over yourself. Cause every seed you plant will either locust or bloom. 

Manifestation will happen whether we are intentional or not. It has two modalities living or dying. 

Choose to live baby. 

You’ve got so much to live for.  

Shug said, “Everything wants to be loved.” You know this, and yet you have not practiced loving yourself as you have loved others. You cannot fully love anything, if you have not loved yourself.  

Be in constant pursuit of application. 

It is a love letter to self. 

It is coming home to yourself. 

It is surrendering to yourself.   

Application + Implementation is the master manifestation. 

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