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    How to Overcome Grief + Loss On August 28, 2019 two days before my grandfather suddenly died, I shot this video of myself for a TedxHilton talk on grief in my hotel room in Chicago while on a work trip. My mother called me frantically at 5am that Friday saying my grandfather was being rushed to the hospital and it didn’t look good. I prepped her and James to take my Mama to Miami ASAP. I got my bags together to head to the van, barely keeping my composer. I sat at one of the O’Hare restaurants and ate bacon and avocado toast as I typed the last few words of my TedxHilton app and hit…

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    A Requiem of Reckoning: Collective Grief Impact

      Play audio version of text I woke up one morning this week with the word requiem in my heart. I had heard the word requiem before, but honestly didn’t know what it meant. It took me until around 11am that wednesday morning to unbusy myself to google the word, requiem . Requiem-in the catholic tradition means a mass response to the souls of the dead.  And indeed the requiem is here.  Requiem did not come to me by accident. It was planted there. Requiem has a reckoning. A reckoning of a sound. And I knew it to be a sign of how our 2020 unfolded.  2020 did exactly what…

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    Summer Sessions Schedule

    July 19, 2020      Summer Session 08: In Our Mother’s Garden Register now July 26, 2020      Summer Session 09: Boundaries Register now Aug 2, 2020        Summer Session 10: Owning Your Power Register now

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    How to create a meaningful ritual for letting go.

    Going into 2020 I wanted to do something a little bit different. So I decided to create a tangible experience to signify letting go of the past, grief, shame and toxicity.  Together with a group of friends we decided to hold “A 2019 Release Ceremony” and here’s a few things we did.  Preparation: Write a letter to yourself about what you intend to release. Fast the day of until after the ceremony (water only). Location: Near a body of water or near nature.  Your home(backyard/bathroom/closet). A safe place. Time: An hour before sunset or sunrise.  Suggested materials: candle lighter materials to make a fire essential oil/blessing oil  sage your letter…

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    How to Create a FREE Self-Care Routine

    For most of us, an act of self-care seems like too much time, money and energy. And a little selfish when you have an entire family/household to take care of, a business to run, a church to pastor and a job to go to all while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We don’t even have a social life, let alone a self-care routine. What if I told you already have everything you need? Here’s a few tips: Airplane Mode: As a millennial I have to start here, because I literally sleep with my phone and I’m on it literally ALL day for work and play. But, every summer I fast from…

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