How to create a meaningful ritual for letting go.

Going into 2020 I wanted to do something a little bit different. So I decided to create a tangible experience to signify letting go of the past, grief, shame and toxicity. 

Together with a group of friends we decided to hold “A 2019 Release Ceremony” and here’s a few things we did. 

  • Write a letter to yourself about what you intend to release.
  • Fast the day of until after the ceremony (water only).
  • Near a body of water or near nature. 
  • Your home(backyard/bathroom/closet).
  • A safe place.


  • An hour before sunset or sunrise. 

Suggested materials:

  • candle
  • lighter
  • materials to make a fire
  • essential oil/blessing oil 
  • sage
  • your letter
  • pen 
  • paper
  • water 
  • hand towel
  • bowl
  • mediation music 
  • crystals

Directions: Start today with writing down all that you would like to let go/rid yourself of. Don’t worry about what it looks like just get it out. The day of the ceremony fast, pray or mediate. If you can’t do either get still, turn off the tv and/or phone and sit with yourself. Once you arrive to the ceremony wear lose clothing and walk barefoot to your body of water with your bowl, if you’re at home run a bath add some salts, rose oil, etc, if you’re at a safe place take some distilled water or ocean water and place it into a bowl. Try your best to quiet your minds. Sit close to the earth whether inside or outside get literally grounded. Use the water how you choose: hands, feet, face. Where do you need to feel cleansed? In a burn safe space light a fire. Place your letter to burned, burn sage in your space, diffuse, light a candle. Purify. Using your language, raise your voices and move your body, your heart knows what to say and how it needs to vibrate. 

Following your chakras if you can, use the chart above to assist, anoint yourselves and/or each other with oil, leaving a positive affirmation with every place you touch. 

Embrace, feast together and write, draw out, vision board your intentions for the following year. 

Most importantly create your own ritual that feels natural and authentic to your own experience.  

Gather your girls, guys, your family, your spouse. There is power in coming into agreement with one another. 

“For where two or three gather…there am I with them.” 

We need each other. To lift us up. To keep us safe. To keep us accountable. To carry the weight when the road gets too hard.

This healing circle will never be unbroken.

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