Wellness Wednesday

Dominique is an author, social worker and self-mastery coach.

In 2014, she left her miserable af job in social services, packed all her sh-t in her red compact car and moved to GA where her Soul Work began.

Soul Work Rx became Dominique’s transformative practice to heal herself through various healing modalities. 

She began Wellness Wednesday to expose Black men and women to new wellness techniques. 

Have you always wanted to try twerking, but just didn’t know how to bend your back? Do you want to meditate, but just can’t sit still? Have you tried journaling, but aren’t getting any results? Have you thought about creating an ancestral altar, but don’t know how to start? 

Wellness Wednesday is for you. 

Wellness Wednesday is a gym membership for your soul. 

During Wellness Wednesday we will explore fun practical application through everyday, but unconventional life experiences. Whether it’s cooking comfort food, painting, detoxing, decluttering, meditating, styling, decorating, journaling, yoga, curating a playlist, learning how to plant or create an ancestral altar. We’re going to show you how to create the prescription your soul needs. 

Weekly you will receive instructions on what you’ll need for a bomb a– session. 

Soul Work Rx Wellness Wednesday Session $10 includes:

  • Weekly instructions 
  • 1 Wellness Wednesday session 

Soul Work Rx Monthly Membership $30 including:

  • unlimited Wellness Wednesday sessions for the month

Wellness Wednesday Ticket